Start At Home!!!

Earlier this week I was beginning a new project for my company.  While thinking and trying to wrap my brain around the project, I decided that I needed to seek outside assistance…a counselor.  So, I got on my computer and began emailing various companies and government resources that were available on-line.

I then moved on to my next task of the day.  Shortly after, I spoke to my boyfriend and he asked what I was doing.  I explained that I was undertaking this new project and had just reached out to the various entities, to seek their counsel.  He explained that it was not necessary.  While talking about the process with him, he said everything you just said to me about how you think you need to go about doing the project, is what you need to be doing.

I had completely forgotten that his former position required him to do the work that I was seeking outside counsel.  He was very good and had generated lots of money for his business doing this work.  It then made me think about life.  There have been so many times where I’ve reached out to people and sought guidance from mentors, business professionals, co-workers, etc. when I could have asked my mom, friends, classmates, etc.

So, I suggest that we all take a step back and start at home.  Rather than going outside, whether in relationships, business, family, spirituality, see what can be accomplished by starting at the core (home) and then reach further.

Have YOUR Day

I have been longing for MY day for a while.  I have squeezed in massages (50-80 minutes) but not set aside a full day for me in approx. 1.5 years.  So, that is what I did last week.  I spent a full day, 8 hours at the spa at the MGM Grand Detroit.  The day began with my making my fruit smoothie…raw oatmeal, fresh strawberries, blueberries, banana, and vanilla yogurt with ice.  I drank that and arrived at the spa at 11 a.m.  I put on my robe, spotted out a cabana and put my items on it, and then took out my book (The Guy Not Taken by Jennifer Weiner) and read until I fell asleep.  I then decided to switch gears and read my Fundraising Management book.  After about an hour of reading I decided to put on my headphones and listen to jazz; exactly what I needed to put me in the best mood.

Just after doing that, I ordered my soup and salad and enjoyed it!  Shortly after I was called for the first portion of my spa services…80-minute sports massage.  Unfortunately, due to extensive knots in my back (due to sleeping crazy and stress), my massage wasn’t relaxing.  It took the full 80 minutes to get the knots out.

After the massage, I went into the steam room and got ready for my facial.  After my facial, I into the Jacuzzi and enjoyed my last hour at the spa (hour 8).  While in the Jacuzzi, I started thinking about how much more often I need to do that for myself.  I spend a lot of time moving full force with my career, but don’t take the time out to physically and mentally take care of me.  Without good health, and physical and mental freedom, I won’t be able function, keep pressing on with my goals and be successful.

Do the same, I swear it’s a worth-while investment!!!

New Year…Start It Off Right!

I haven’t written anything in a few months.  I have using the excuse that I’m too busy with my businesses, travel and school to make any posts, but that’s really not an excuse.  I am happy to say that I started 2011 off right, with eating healthy, doing pilates, going to church and being focused and productive with my days.

Last week, I took time out to focus on me and what I want out of 2011.  I wrote a vision for myself as well as measurable goals.  I then went home, wrote them down on poster board and posted them in my office, in front of my face.  I will have to see my vision and goals on a daily basis.  I later took a pile or magazines from my house, cut out photos of where I see myself in the future and made a vision-board.

I am really going to put forth the effort to take time out of my day to do something that makes me relaxed and happy…writing.  I encourage you to do the same.  We have only one life and should do what’s necessary to stay sane, relaxed whole.

Live Life!

I went to my dad’s house and spoke to my stepmother. She explained that she had a rough week because her best friend died. The lady had a disease that attacks your organs. My stepmother explained that she had been caring for her friend the weeks leading up to her death and learned so much about life during that time.

Alma (my stepmom) said that her friend had come to grasp the situation so well that she had planned her own funeral. It was very weird…she wrote her own obituary, and even purchased all the outfits for everyone to wear at her funeral.

I saw this as a very drastic approach to coping with death, however that’s what she wanted so everyone respected it.

At 25, I have not had to deal with too many deaths, especially not my best friends. The one thing I took away from my talk with my stepmom was that you never know what tomorrow brings, what God has instore and to make the best out of every moment of every day!

When Do You Stop?!?!

The past few weeks have been VERY busy.  I have quite a few new clients, a wedding that I’m planning, a new company that I’m trying to launch this year, AND I’m in graduate school and it’s finals!  I have been working around the clock with very little sleep, gym time, food time, play with puppy time, etc.  I was speaking to my friend and he explained that I just need to stop and go to bed.  However, I feel that whenever I get ready to do that, my brain thinks of “one more” thing to do.  I’m sure that this is not just the life of a busy entrepreneur but the typical story of many individuals who really enjoy the work that they do.  I really don’t see it as work, which is probably the problem.  My girlfriend and I were talking and she was explaining that she gets about 4 hours of sleep because of her ventures.  It’s very funny because her bbm (Blackberry Messenger) status is “I’m married to my CPA for now” and I can relate.  The work/life balance is being neglected at the present time, but I shall return to it in a few weeks.

Please tell me I’m not the only one doing this crazy cycle to myself.  Do you do the same thing, or what do you do to balance it all?