Live Life!

I went to my dad’s house and spoke to my stepmother. She explained that she had a rough week because her best friend died. The lady had a disease that attacks your organs. My stepmother explained that she had been caring for her friend the weeks leading up to her death and learned so much about life during that time.

Alma (my stepmom) said that her friend had come to grasp the situation so well that she had planned her own funeral. It was very weird…she wrote her own obituary, and even purchased all the outfits for everyone to wear at her funeral.

I saw this as a very drastic approach to coping with death, however that’s what she wanted so everyone respected it.

At 25, I have not had to deal with too many deaths, especially not my best friends. The one thing I took away from my talk with my stepmom was that you never know what tomorrow brings, what God has instore and to make the best out of every moment of every day!

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