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Business Diva Profile: Jessica Styles, Fabulous Entrepreneur

 Jessica Styles is a South Carolinian who has taken New York City by storm. Styles is the Founder and CEO of The FAB Network, a consulting firm that caters to students and professionals.  Less than two years after its … Continue reading

Start At Home!!!

Earlier this week I was beginning a new project for my company.  While thinking and trying to wrap my brain around the project, I decided that I needed to seek outside assistance…a counselor.  So, I got on my computer and … Continue reading

When Do You Stop?!?!

The past few weeks have been VERY busy.  I have quite a few new clients, a wedding that I’m planning, a new company that I’m trying to launch this year, AND I’m in graduate school and it’s finals!  I have … Continue reading

Life Mission Awakened By Tragedy…Erika Swilley, Assistant Director of Community Relations, Detroit Pistons and Pistons/Palace Foundation

When thinking about this interview, I thought it would be pretty normal from the perspective of having known Erika for approximately 4 years.  However, after delving into my questions, I really began to understand and have a deeper appreciation for … Continue reading

20 Years Strong…If Only I Will Experience It!!!!

I am so excited that I will be planning a 20 Year Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony.  I am fortunate enough to be a family friend and truly see the love of the couple.  As a single woman, who honestly doesn’t … Continue reading