20 Years Strong…If Only I Will Experience It!!!!

I am so excited that I will be planning a 20 Year Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony.  I am fortunate enough to be a family friend and truly see the love of the couple.  As a single woman, who honestly doesn’t have the most positive outlook on marriage, it is refreshing to see a couple that is so lovely.  The two of them balance each other out.  He is the ying to her yang…seriously!

They have such a powerful partnership that all those around them admire their relationship, and possibly envy it.  I know that I look forward to meeting someone who brings out the best in me and who can help improve, yet love my flaws.  The couple still do the romantic things that you don’t seem to see happen to people who have been in a relationship for so long.

I am truly honored to have been chosen to plan such a big day in their lives, and the lives of their friends and family.  I look forward to the next months ahead that will be filled with decor, bling and love!

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  1. Nicky says:

    I’m so happy to have found Kevin. He truly brings out the best of me. I especially love that he supports my web development. My ex didn’t, and it was hard to feel guilty about something I was so passionate about.

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