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Getting Back By Giving Back

I have been asked to speak to various groups over the past few years.  These groups range from high school students, to business/entrepreneurial groups, to social groups to collegiate classes and clubs.  I spoke to a group of what I … Continue reading

Business Diva Profile: Jessica Styles, Fabulous Entrepreneur

 Jessica Styles is a South Carolinian who has taken New York City by storm. Styles is the Founder and CEO of The FAB Network, a consulting firm that caters to students and professionals.  Less than two years after its … Continue reading

Business Diva Profile: Jocelyn Allen, Corporate & Community Leader

She’s a mother, a GM exec, an avid shopper, and it’s her belief in God that helps her hold it together. Jocelyn Allen is one of those women that reminds us that with hard work and faith, nothing is impossible. … Continue reading

Start At Home!!!

Earlier this week I was beginning a new project for my company.  While thinking and trying to wrap my brain around the project, I decided that I needed to seek outside assistance…a counselor.  So, I got on my computer and … Continue reading

Have YOUR Day

I have been longing for MY day for a while.  I have squeezed in massages (50-80 minutes) but not set aside a full day for me in approx. 1.5 years.  So, that is what I did last week.  I spent … Continue reading