Business Diva Profile: Jessica Styles, Fabulous Entrepreneur

Jessica Styles is a South Carolinian who has taken New York City by storm. Styles is the Founder and CEO of The FAB Network, a consulting firm that caters to students and professionals.  Less than two years after its official launch, The FAB Network has implemented an after-school program in the Bronx and helped numerous young professionals pursue their dream jobs.  “Helping individuals to realize their passions and connecting them with the appropriate resources is the entire game plan for FAB!” she says.

After interning at Donna Karan, Bad Boy and BET, Styles began working at MTV and two years later she landed a job working for legendary fashion house Givenchy.  While working at Givenchy, Styles became passionate about starting a non-profit and started aligning herself with opportunities to learn the business. She concluded that her idea was better suited as an LLC. “I have always had ideas that didn’t exist, entrepreneurship always haunted me . . . I could never escape it so I stopped fighting it!” The FAB Network launched in August 2009.

Perseverance is an attribute that Styles instills in her clients and this trait has been honed from personal experience. After accepting the position at Givenchy, she was told that one of the job requirements was having a car. Three days prior to starting work, the car that her parents had purchased for her was hit by another car. “I ended up having to rent a car for my 1st day of work and when I went to pick up the car, Enterprise refused to rent it to me because of a previous incident in high school. I had to be in Long Island in 2 hours on my 1st day of work with NO WAY TO GET THERE! I called my mom as I stood on the side of the street bawling, literally! She told me to hop in a cab and she would pay me back (my tab ended up being $180).” Jessica Styles has endured professional challenges but nonetheless she came out on top! Her commitment to individuals is compelling and heartfelt. No other word can describe her other than FAB.

Advice for young BD’s:

If there was one thing you wish someone shared with you about being a successful woman, what would it be?

Always expect to be challenged in ways you’d never imagine. It’s just part of the route to achieving personal greatness. Don’t be alarmed by how many times you want to give up, just know that God will make a way, right when you believe it’s too hard!

On balancing work and personal life:

When I start to feel overwhelmed or tired, I take out time for me to rejuvenate myself. Being outdoors, walking/jogging, water, writing, talking, shopping and traveling all help me to balance work and play!

Tips for young professionals on a budget:

Only buy what you need and when you do decide to splurge, buy basic items that you know you will kill and will totally be worth your investment.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Hmmm…. Late night snacks (definitely!), chips, dancing like no one is watching and the rest are secrets (I can’t blow my cover) ha!

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  1. LaRosha Paul says:

    I am so proud of Jessica. I am now following in her foot steps by starting my own female mentoring program in Charlotte, NC. Congrats FAB and I wish you much more success.

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