Business Diva Profile: Jocelyn Allen, Corporate & Community Leader

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She’s a mother, a GM exec, an avid shopper, and it’s her belief in God that helps her hold it together. Jocelyn Allen is one of those women that reminds us that with hard work and faith, nothing is impossible.

A graduate of Notre Dame and Wayne State University, Allen began her career in film production, working on films being produced by Oliver Stone and Penny Marshall. She continued working in the entertainment industry as the assistant director at WDIV- Channel 4 in Detroit and from there began forging a relationship with General Motors (GM) as a freelance production assistant. Allen has been with GM for 12 years and is now Director of Regional, Grassroots, and Diversity Communications.

Advice for young BD’s:

On balancing work and personal life: “You have to learn to be comfortable with saying no; you have to make a conscious decision to put barriers around those things that are most important to you and protect them.” An invaluable piece of advice for young women: “Success doesn’t come without sacrifice.”

What makes this Diva so Fab? She’s gives back. She founded an organization entitled “Divas 4 Life” after witnessing what she calls the “generational curse.” A generational curse results from lack of exposure to opportunities being passed down from parents to children. Through her organization Allen offers children educational and career opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible. Founded in 2002, Divas 4 Life works specifically with girls ages 8-18 to develop key life and professional skills through workshops on self-esteem, public speaking training, and an annual retreat. Despite her many professional accomplishments, Allen claims her life’s work would not be complete without her foundation. Her service to the community is one of her greatest achievements. “Success is finding the space in life that God wants you to occupy and then being a vessel to help others get to their right place in the universe” she says.

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