Monthly Archives: April 2010

When Do You Stop?!?!

The past few weeks have been VERY busy.  I have quite a few new clients, a wedding that I’m planning, a new company that I’m trying to launch this year, AND I’m in graduate school and it’s finals!  I have … Continue reading

Life Mission Awakened By Tragedy…Erika Swilley, Assistant Director of Community Relations, Detroit Pistons and Pistons/Palace Foundation

When thinking about this interview, I thought it would be pretty normal from the perspective of having known Erika for approximately 4 years.  However, after delving into my questions, I really began to understand and have a deeper appreciation for … Continue reading

It’s Not Just a Man’s World

My girlfriend and I went to Indianapolis for the NCAA Men’s Final Four with one of my girlfriend’s who is also an entrepreneur.  We decided to pack our bags, hit the road and go to Indy to network.  So, we … Continue reading