When Do You Stop?!?!

The past few weeks have been VERY busy.  I have quite a few new clients, a wedding that I’m planning, a new company that I’m trying to launch this year, AND I’m in graduate school and it’s finals!  I have been working around the clock with very little sleep, gym time, food time, play with puppy time, etc.  I was speaking to my friend and he explained that I just need to stop and go to bed.  However, I feel that whenever I get ready to do that, my brain thinks of “one more” thing to do.  I’m sure that this is not just the life of a busy entrepreneur but the typical story of many individuals who really enjoy the work that they do.  I really don’t see it as work, which is probably the problem.  My girlfriend and I were talking and she was explaining that she gets about 4 hours of sleep because of her ventures.  It’s very funny because her bbm (Blackberry Messenger) status is “I’m married to my CPA for now” and I can relate.  The work/life balance is being neglected at the present time, but I shall return to it in a few weeks.

Please tell me I’m not the only one doing this crazy cycle to myself.  Do you do the same thing, or what do you do to balance it all?

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  1. Nicole says:

    Trust me. You’re not the only one! I’m engaged and planning my wedding (for September next year thank God). This past month I’ve been living between my current apartment and my house that I’m moving into at the end of the month. We’re still in the renovation process. On top of all that, my web development! TONS of projects in the works. In the end though, you do have to take some for yourself. I usually like to take my dog for a walk or watch some TV. Unfortunately I do need to develop a better balance between work and home. I’m hoping things we get better within the next month when we finally move into our house.

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