Monthly Archives: April 2013

Getting Back By Giving Back

I have been asked to speak to various groups over the past few years.  These groups range from high school students, to business/entrepreneurial groups, to social groups to collegiate classes and clubs.  I spoke to a group of what I … Continue reading

Glass Empty or Half Full? Just a matter of how you look at things!

Financial Planner Specializes in Female Clients Elinor Ho, Principal Advisor at Secure Planning Strategies, attended college in Hong Kong and did not move to the United States until 1994 where she continued her education taking financial planning classes at Pennsylvania … Continue reading

Admiration in A Relationship

I feel like the questions of the year (so far) are: How’s business? Are you happy? What are you looking for? Business is great.  Yes I am happy.  What am I looking for?  Good question.  My list has definitely evolved … Continue reading