Glass Empty or Half Full? Just a matter of how you look at things!

Financial Planner Specializes in Female Clients

Elinor Ho, Principal Advisor at Secure Planning Strategies, attended college in Hong Kong and did not move to the United States until 1994 where she continued her education taking financial planning classes at Pennsylvania State.  She didn’t realize it at the time, but her position as hotel manager in Hong Kong greatly prepared her for her career path in financial planning.

“The communication and hospitality side of hotel management really gave me the patience to care for my clients in financial planning,” said Ho. She began as a minority in her industry, who knew very little English and had to start from scratch. Coming from another country and competing against others in her field proved that Ho could do the hard work, and had determination and dedication to be successful.

“I would get all the client’s that nobody wanted,” she laughed. Ho was able to explain financial planning in layman’s terms which led to her Chrysler account, marking the beginning of her journey. Her communication skills were superb and explaining concepts to clients was so great, that she was offered a job to teach classes at Chrysler for the employees. This was how she grew her practice in Secured Planning Strategies.

Ho is someone to be admired. She not only has a successful business but she is also a mother of two sons and a wife. So how does she balance it all?

“It’s not easy but I plan three or four days a week to cover all my work so that I can be home the other days and when my kids are sleeping is when I get my work done. You just have to say, “This is what I want- focus and go for it!”

Ho offered some great advice for young females so that they keep their finances in order:

  1. Budget. Know how much comes in and spend within your means.
  2. Want or need?  If a dress is on sale and you can’t afford it- don’t do it!
  3. Splurge every once in a while! If you have a strict budget you will break. Everyone needs a little pampering.

Ho also offers a monthly educational workshop for free that teaches you how to live longer and manage your finances on your own. To learn more about Ho and Secured Planning Strategies click the link below:

She is the perfect example of success in both her professional and personal life. She shows young females that starting at the bottom can have its advantages depending on how you want to look at the situation.




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