Admiration in A Relationship

I feel like the questions of the year (so far) are:

  • How’s business?
  • Are you happy?
  • What are you looking for?

Business is great.  Yes I am happy.  What am I looking for?  Good question.  My list has definitely evolved from my early 20s when it was literally 2 pages.  It know consists of character and personality items, rather than physical and social items.  They have a lot to do with…what makes me tick, what genuinely makes me happy, and what makes me look at things from a different perspective (we vs. me).  I was talking to the gentleman that I’m dating a few weeks ago and he told me that he was thinking about me one day, and went on to explain how much he admires me.  That conversation has stuck with me.

I looked up “admire” in the dictionary and the following definition came up:

1: to regard with admiration

2: archaic : to marvel at

synonyms:  appreciate, consider, esteem, regard, respect

I have realized that admiration is a key component to any relationship that I will be in.  I have stated that to friends in the past (when talking about why certain relationships didn’t work out) how important it is for me to have mutual respect, admiration and appreciation in a relationship.  I must say that it feels good to be in a place where I have that.

To love is to admire with the heart…To admire is to love with the mind.





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