Woman’s Intuition

I have heard of a “woman’s intuition” since I was a little girl, however it wasn’t until I have grown and matured that I have learned to love and appreciate it.  Ever since I was growing up, my mother always knew when I was lying, hurt, in trouble or hiding things from her.  She was even so good that she would say “I don’t want to going her/doing this, because this will happen”.  Of course, I’d blow that off and whatever she said would happen, would happen!  I just thought it was coincidence.

It wasn’t until I was in a relationship, that I began to trust my intuition.  I had something that would click in my head when I sensed something was “not right”.  Sure enough, it would not be right (regardless of what lie he told).  I really started to respect my judgment and “gut feeling”.  This has even occurred in my professional life.  I decided to “go with my gut” and leave my corporate job to be an entrepreneur.  Many thought I was crazy to do such a thing.  Now, I am SO happy I did so.  The company I used to work for has been impacted dramatically because of the economy and other internal factors.  Many of the friends I had there have moved on and gone to other companies, and the people I do know who work there are not as happy as they were at the time I worked there.  Furthermore, my entrepreneurial ventures are doing wonderful.  I could not ask for anything more then to have the opportunities that I have been allotted…I have absolutely no regrets because I went with my intuition and it was right!

I had a conversation with a girlfriend a few days ago, and she was telling me a story where she didn’t know if she should trust her intuition or not.  Sure enough, the light was shown on the situation and she was right.  That prompted me to write this post.  Ladies, please listen to yourself.  I really believe in this and hope you do too.

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  1. Nicky says:

    Amen! And good for you for taking the step towards becoming an entrepreneur by quiting your corporate job. If I could afford to live off my web design earnings, I would, but unfortunately, I can’t. But for now, the extra income helps towards the little “perks” in life.

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