It’s Not Just a Man’s World

My girlfriend and I went to Indianapolis for the NCAA Men’s Final Four with one of my girlfriend’s who is also an entrepreneur.  We decided to pack our bags, hit the road and go to Indy to network.  So, we got on LinkedIn, Facebook and our email to start letting business contacts know that we would be in town and ready to network with other professionals.  We were welcomed with open arms by the business community. As professionals in the sports world, this was the ideal environment for us to be in.

We were able to rub shoulders and talk business with NCAA players and coaches, perspective sponsors and all around good people. Although the sports world is very male-dominated, I must say that overall I have found the males and females in the industry to be very welcoming and able to open doors for individuals like my friend an myself.   I am so happy that we decided to take this trip.  It was well worth the 4.5 hour drive, cornfields and bad radio!

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